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A motif that can be instantly recognised as being a mark of quality & safety.  Like      for crash helmets, it is there for your peace of mind.


H I S C©   a seal of quality and peace of mind.


What is  H I S C©  

We are proud to bring our people the HISC.  - we know that for too long off-road goggle sport has stood still so we wanted to change that perception.  The first thing is having the products which we have but we also needed to give our user(s) instant knowledge & confidence that the product they have purchased is the highest standard for quality, safety & reliability. 

The extreme rigors of any off-road activity mean that it should be obvious to the users that when choosing their eyewear protection, any product that shows the HISC. ICON tells them that they can buy with assured certainty.

Our HISC. ICON is really all about awareness and rider safety & we say, why should this type of peace of mind 'ICON' be used only to inform end-users about crash helmets only?  eyewear protection is every bit as important!  the neglect of this element of motorised sports (Goggles/Visors) has been nothing short of a disaster, so many end users have suffered from serious injury due to inadequate eyewear protection.  Every weekend all around the world a person has experienced this.

If GOGGLETECHNOLOGY LTD can contribute to levelling up the balance then we are more than happy to do that.

The great thing is, that we have the products to back up every claim we make.


Thank you!  we always reply within 24hrs



Wolf Wilborn Pencil Hardness Scale

6B  5B  4B  3B  2B  B  HB  F  H  2H  3H  4H  5H  6H  7H  8H  9H



How & why do we test Hardness on coatings?


Most goggle & visor lenses are between 2H and 3H - which is nowhere near hard enough to be safe or effective.

With any 2H/3H coating - after only a short time, the product will begin to scratch up rapidly - even just by continuous wiping with a glove can ruin a brand new lens in a matter of hours.  Abrasions formed on the surface make the product dangerous & unsafe for racing or riding in general. 

Visibility at this point will quickly become a problem and will only continue to get worse - this is why we would never approve a standard lens/visor or an equivalent aftermarket lens protector/stickers unless it had been tested 

We know that scratched lenses leads to seriously impaired vision and ultimately the goggle gets thrown away.  Now the rider will need to contend with (as well as controlling a vehicle) all sorts of hidden dangers - as aforementioned  'grit, hail, dirt, mud, rain, roost, stones & other projectiles from a road or a track!  It's complete madness that in these times it still happens weekly around the world.

At this stage it is now fair game for seriously impaired vision to cause; tentative riding due to a loss of confidence through worry & panic, innocuous accidents, broken bones, losing an eye - the list is endless!  Each and every one of those examples is a very real possibility once you remove eyewear protection. - ultimately all of this becomes a numbers game, meaning it is a serious accident waiting to happen. 

Our aim with our HISC - ICON is to inform any user that whenever they see our yellow & black seal, it means they know its safe and they can trust that Icon' because that Icon' identifies with quality and peace of mind


H I S C©  a seal of quality and peace of mind.

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